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Pathway Records is a professional service offering by an experienced team of music professionals for artists in need of a quality new recording. The Pathway Records label provides a quality recording to artists within a budget that is competitive and affordable for the artists’ immediate goals and direction. The professional experience of the Pathway Team is available to artists to help guide them through all the hurdles faced when planning, budgeting and recording a new project.

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Bill Traylor:
As founder and President of initially Riversong and then Homeland Entertainment, Bill   Traylor has worked with some of the Christian Recording Industry elites. Artists such as The Cathedral  Quartet, Gold City, The Kingsmen, The Hoppers, as well as Inspirational and Contemporary Artists such as Sandy Patti, Carman and Larnelle Harris. With 25 years experience in producing and hosting TV Shows along with working with Bill Gaither in the initial development of the Gaither Homecoming Video Series, Bill’s experience, contacts and creative endeavors in television are at the core of his career. Additionally, finding and helping develop new talent is one of Bill’s passions. Sandy Patti was an unknown artist when signed to Impact Records under Bill’s management as well as The Dove Brothers, Jeff and Sheri Easter, and the popular Gold City Quartet were first signed and developed under Bill’s direction and labels. Bill’s personal quest is to present the Gospel in clear and Christ-Centered lyrics and music and to assist the messenger in getting this accomplished with quality professionalism


Bill Dykes: Bill’s love and involvement in Gospel music spans 40 years. As a performer he has sung with The Cathedrals, Jerry and the Goffs as well as performed in events with Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts, Rex Humbard and conservative political figures such as Mike Huckabee. He studied finance at the University of Cincinnati and holds a Doctor of Divinity degree at Heritage Baptist University. Bill joined Mansion Entertainment as Executive Director of Manor House Music after a recent tenure as Chief of Marketing Officer with Sky Angel television network. Bill’s desire is to help Christian artists present the Gospel at the highest level.


John Mathis Jr.: John’s life and music influences have given him a life-time of experience in the music industry in the areas of songwriting, music publishing, radio, publicity and A&R. He had the musical influence of a successful singer/songwriter father who has had 7 Country Music Hall of Famers record his music as well as achieve his own charting success. John spent several years with labels such as Homeland Entertainment (The Cathedrals, The Speer Family, The Florida Boys, The Dove Brothers, The Hoppers), working with Brian Speer and The Avid Group (Three Angels Broadcasting, Anthony Burger, Allison Durham Speer, Mission House Music) and Mansion Entertainment (Hoppers, Triumphant Quartet, Palmetto State, Three Bridges) . He also served 9 years as a pastor and 4 years as a worship director. John’s passion is to assist Christian artists in reaching their goals and fulfill their own calling and purpose. To learn more about John, visit his website,


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